What you need to ask on a first date

First dates can be so awkward—the nervous laughs, the desire to connect, and the hope of a spark juxtaposed with the lingering memories of more bad first dates than not. But, maybe this next one can be different? And it will be if we ask the right questions. How often do we get wrapped up […]

How to Blow A First Date

I’m plodding away on the treadmill at the gym, when a “reality” real estate show pops up on the screen.  Halfway through the episode, they highlight two different scenarios of single male brokers out on dates. And quite honestly, both were examples of “how to blow it.” Both of these guys started out well—they asked […]

What do you Believe?

  When Tim and I start a new dating series, one of our first weeks is always devoted to one simple question. What do you believe about God? And why does this matter you ask? Because what you believe about God affects the way you date. What you believe about God determines your behavior in the […]

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