8 Ways to HoliDATE


What if you could take a second look at the holidays this year, refocus the crank-o-meter and adjust your lenses to a merry red glow. 

Instead of entering this Christmas by chalking off another year alone or as stressful season filled with family obligations and work parties, what if you saw this season as a once in a lifetime opportunity?

An opportunity for new dates and relationships…

Why Holidate?

The holidays usher in party after party –parties just waiting for you to meet and greet someone unfamiliar (in a good way) and intriguing. 

Christmas parties are also generally filled with happy people in a warm and benevolent moods thanks to bonus checks, sugar cookies and eggnog. (Just avoid the red-flag folks who camp near the eggnog)

So what are you waiting for?

8 Ways to Maximize the Holidays and Find New Dates

  1. Volunteer to take your niece or nephew (or any kids you can wrangle up) to meet Santa.  You never know who might be standing in line?  Strike up a conversation.
  2. Attend a Christmas tree lighting with a friend and put a big smile on your face. Wear an elf hat.
  3. Volunteer to serve families in need in the community.
  4. Buy a cute Christmas outfit and see just how many parties you can wear it to.  Guys –rock your charisma (women love a man with confidence) and Ladies -smile, throw back those shoulders and sparkle like the jewel you are!
  5. Ask friends about friend’s holiday gatherings and tag along.  Cousin Joe might be a hottie!
  6. Join a holiday run or 5k.  Wear a Santa hat.
  7. Volunteer to wrap Christmas presents at a bookstore. Introduce yourself to someone.
  8. Grab some friends and go caroling.  Just wait and see who opens the door.

Anything can happen under the Mistletoe if you get out and meet this season with a generous and positive attitude!

Source: myvintagemending.blogspot.com via Simply on Pinterest

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