How to Write a Winning Online Dating Profile


You’ve finally taken the big leap and decided to join the online dating world.  But before you get too crazy winking and throwing kisses online, you may want to consider a few tweaks to your online profile. 

Remember, first impressions are won or lost in about 30 seconds.

I know, I know…you’ve got it handled, right.  You’ve already crafted an awesome bio detailing all of your Christian service, financial prowess and physical appeal. 

In fact you wrote an essay.

You have made it clear you only want devoted Christians, a serious relationship, and you don’t want to get hurt AGAIN.

But for some strange reason you aren’t attracting the type of dates you find desirable?

Have you considered that your own profile might be the reason you aren’t attracting quality dates?

Is it possible that more details aren’t always better –they are just more?

How to craft a winning online dating bio:

  • Get Feedback

Ask a trusted friend of the opposite sex to give you feedback.  Then listen and take great notes.

  • Be Succinct and to the Point

Remember this is an elevator pitch not a college entrance essay.  Keep it brief and don’t ramble on endlessly.  You want to leave a little mystery and a good reason to get to know you better.  And please…don’t be weird!  Quirky is cool, but make sure your eccentric self reads well to the world.

  • Don’t sound bitter

Leave out the comments like, “I’m not here to waste time on trivial relationships.” Or, “I’ve been hurt in the past, tread carefully.”  These aren’t confident and attractive statements and (although they may be true) they don’t translate well on a computer screen without perspective and relationship.

  • Make sure your picture is your best profile

First things first, include one! (But make sure they don’t resemble any of these real life profiles I found)

Ladies, men are highly visual, so don’t skip this crucial step.   A lack of picture suggests insecurity about your looks or that you’re married (and cheating) or that you’re a predator.

Try to keep the picture classy.  Don’t be overly sexy or pose with stuffed animals.  It’s creepy not cute.  Be honest and put up a shot taken in the last six months. Do not post a picture of you 30 lbs ago. 

Do not put up a Glamour Shot or a photo-shopped picture.  Keep it simple and try smiling. No one likes an angry elf.

  • Proofread!

Use proper grammar and spell check your bio before publishing.  Grammatical errors are not appealing and show an impulsive and hasty nature.

These small steps can reap big rewards when it comes to first impressions in the online dating realm. 

 What do you think about Spidey’s profile?  Would you date him? 


Photo Source: via jen on Pinterest

Veiled Woman Photo Source: via Liz on Pinterest

Fire lady Photo Source: Uploaded by user via ClickTonight on Pinterest

Sword Guy Photo Source: via lol on Pinterest

Spiderman Photo Source: via Rob on Pinterest




  1. Oh my goodness! So true! It’s amazing to me that men put up photos that look like mug shots, or them with other women, the best is photo of them wearing their wedding ring… If you look scary, married or just plain crazy, I’m never going to be interested….

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