What’s the Point?

We are excited to announce something new…

something awsome,

something different.

Starting September 12th we are introducing

The Point- for Young Adults and Singles

The Point is a new community for young adults at Mariners Church.  Adults that are not looking to be married off, but are looking to build genuine relationships; relationships that allow them to not just know about one another, but to actually know one another and to be known. 

A place that goes beyond the typical trivia of pop culture – where individuals can let down their guard and not be afraid of rejection; A place to be inspired and provoked toward true personal growth and understanding; A place where individuals can grapple with the most difficult questions about life and death, purpose and meaning; A place where we can engage in healing the maladies of our modern era.  A place to become who we were truly intended to be. 

Every Thursday, from 09/12/2013 to 11/21/2013, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Location: Mariners Irvine | Upper Room, 5001 Newport Coast Drive, Irvine, CA US 92603

The Point is kicking off on September 12 with special guest performance by The Pawnshop Kings!


For more information: Click Here

Join us.

–Pastor Tim Keller


  1. Awesome, congratulations Tim and Sam! If it is consistent with the message you have been giving on faith, dating, and relationships for the past couple years then it is sure to be more than worthwhile for any young single adult.

  2. You say it’s for “young adults” and “singles” … what age group is it for?
    Thank you!

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